Date Event: 2021-04-27 / 2021-04-28

Your Organization: Città della Scienza

Author: Anne-Marie Bruyas

Doing business with China requires establishing relationships with local strategic partners. This is the case regardless of your objective in sales & distribution, sourcing, intellectual property in or out licensing, R&D, manufacturing, etc. But for the venture in China to be successful, the right partnership is critical.

This interactive workshop led by Benjamin Schmittzehe, CEO of Asia-focused management consulting firm Schmittzehe & Partners ( with main offices in Shanghai and London, is designed to help you achieve success in your strategic partnerships in China.

In addition, Sara Medina, Member of the Board of SPI ( – a private consulting company with a physical presence in China since 1999, together with Richard Deng, Chief Representative of SPI China, will help you to obtain a better understanding of the ever-changing Chinese market and to connect with the right partner to open doors in China.

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