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The research represents a sector of strategic importance for the University of Florence and it is one of the priorities within the broader internationalization process.

The University of Florence, especially over the last decade, has progressively established itself in the field of research – at national, European and international level – up to the top of the ranking of Italian universities in terms of the amount of funding obtained and the number of publications and research grants.

  • European Projects (Directly managed funds provided by the European Union)
  • National Projects (Funding provided by the Ministry of Education, the University and Research MIUR, based on specific calls)
  • Regional Projects [Indirectly managed funds that are provided within the operational programs of the Regione Toscana (PorCreoFesr, PSR Feasr, PO Marittimo Italia-Francia, PAR FAS)
  • International Projects (Funding coming from non-European institutions, such as international foundations, supranational organizations, private international bodies)

It is possible to pull up information on all the financed projects starting from June 2016, searching by title, supervisor, program (ie type of fund), academic field (SSD), department, keywords and year.