Online Science Communication Training

Your Organization: EURAXESS

Author: EURAXESS China

Deadline: 2021-04-08

Get a EURAXESS Science Slam China Certification in Science Communication. Learn how to talk on stage, present your research in an interesting way to colleagues, policy makers and the public, and to communicate with international partners.

Euraxess in China offers a series of five free-of-charge online training events, each of which focusing on a different aspect of science communication and open to a limited number of researchers.

You can register to one, more or all of our training sessions – all free of charge! All training sessions will start at 16:00 (China time).


  • Advantages of scientific communication for the career of a researcher.
  • How to pitch your research project and how to prepare an effective presentation.
  • Use of body language and voice control as applied in public speaking.
  • Online etiquette and cultural adapatiaion when engage in international communication.