Hebei Normal University

Being one of provincial key universities and first level “double world-classes” universities co-established by Hebei Province and Ministry of Education, Hebei Normal University (HNU) originates from Shuntian School (founded in 1902, Beijing), Beiyang Women’s Normal School (founded in 1906, Tianjin) and boasts a glorious history of 116 years.

Moved to a new campus in 2011, HNU now cover an area of 300 acres. HNU embraces a faculty and staff of 2,598 with a teaching faculty of 1,650 among whom there are 419 full professors, 977 associate professors, 1 academician of China Academy of Sciences, 3 Thousand Talent scholars, 225 provincial model experts, 170 PhD. supervisors and 822 postgraduate tutors.  with a total number of on-campus students majored in four-year programs is 24,303, graduate students 4,837, PhD students 366 and further education students 10,592 At present, HNU has 25 colleges and 1 independent college (Huihua College) covering ten different fields: Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Sciences, Engineering, Management and Art. The university includes a library with 3.03 million volumes of books and 67 foreign-language databases. Taking the discipline advantage, HNU has established 3 provincial synergy innovation centers, namely, Cell Signal Regulatory Mechanism (by which organisms adapt to the environment), Digital Education and Center for Yanzhao Culture Study, as well as different other centres of advanced studies, enhancing its capacity to improve economic and social progress has been significantly extended.

HNU has established broad connections with prestigious universities in the world, . HNU have established official partnerships with 85 Colleges in 23 countries and built while maintained communications with more than 200 colleges, universities and other education institutes through cooperative programs, exchange programs for teachers and students, on-line courses, scientific cooperation and international talent recruitment program.

Hebei Normal University welcomes international students from all parts of the world to study bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degree programs, with corresponding curriculum designed according to their respective majors or specialties.

Study Duration: 4 years for undergraduates; 2/3 years for master’s students; 4 years for doctoral students.

Enrollment Time: September every year.

Application Time: Before May 30 every year.


1.     Be in good health, have no criminal record, and willing to abide by Chinese laws and the university regulations.

2.     Undergraduate program applicant: high school graduate over 18 years and has passed HSK level 4 with a score over 180.

3.     Master’s program applicant: minimum of a bachelor’s degree and has passed HSK level 5 with a scoreover 180.

4.     Doctoral program applicant: minimum of a master’s degree and has passed HSK level 5 with a score over 180 (for majors with Chinese as the language of instruction), or IELTS with a score over 6.5 (for majors with English as the language of instruction).

In addition to the major courses, international students of all academic levels can take electives such as Chinese martial arts, Chinese paper-cutting, Chinese painting, calligraphy, etc.

Courses open to international students 

Master’s Degrees

  • Mathematics

PhD programmes

  • Physical geography
  • Botany
  • Organic chemistry
  • Cell biology
  • Mathematics
  • Biochemistry and molecule biology
  • Ecology
  • Physiology
  • Condensed matter physics
  • Cartology and geography information system

Phd programmes

  • Biochemistry and molecule biology

PhD programmes

  • Human Geography
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Archaeology
  • Zoology

PhD programmes

  • Physical Chemistry
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