Dongguan University of Technology

Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) is the first full-time regular university in Dongguan, and is proud to have as Honorary President the Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. Chenning Yang.

Works for the establishment of DGUT started in 1990 and it was successively opened in April 1992. DGUT was approved as a full-time regular university by the Ministry of Education in March 2002, and as a bachelor’s degree awarding university in May 2006. In June 2010, DGUT was listed as “Outstanding Engineers Cultivation Project” along with others 61 universities including Tsinghua University.

At the same time, it was approved by Guangdong provincial government as a master’s degree awarding university in August 2010. Furthermore, DGUT was listed as a key high-level science and engineering university construction unit in Guangdong Province, in September 2015. DGUT has risen to a level of “first-grade” local universities, and ranks No. 188 in Comprehensive Strength List of Chinese Universities for 2019, No. 73 among universities not included in “Double First-Class University Plan”, and No. 65 among Chinese science and technology universities and colleges.

DGUT has 17 experiment & teaching centers, 18 colleges, 48 undergraduate specialties, and 4 overseas innovation centers and talent working stations. In the past three years, DGUT has introduced nearly 500 high-level talents and outstanding young doctoral fellows from across the world, including 9 specially-employed academicians, 2 academicians through flexible employment method (including 1 foreign academician), and other outstanding talents (18 National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars winners and national outstanding teachers). In addition, DGUT attaches immense importance to the construction of a postdoctoral innovative practice base, and has enrolled 70 postdoctoral fellows.

DGUT has signed cooperation and exchange agreements with several world-renowned universities, including but not limited to the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), University of New Mexico, and more than 40 other famous universities.

Courses open to international students 

Single-cycle master’s degrees

  • Chinese language training
  • Chinese language and literature

Single-cycle master’s degrees

  • Applied chemistry

Single-cycle master’s degrees

  • International business (English-taught)
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